Complete the form to purchase email support on a per month basis.

We offer email support for yes/no questions to our distance consulting clients and in office patients.

Email support is billed on a monthly basis at $50 per month. 

With email support, you will be able to email us with yes/no questions as long as your subscription is up to date.

We cannot answer questions that require a longer response due to the amount of time required to follow-up with all of our patients and clients.

If you have a more complex question you will need to schedule a 30-minute follow-up appointment.

To subscribe for email support please complete the form on this page.

This is a one-time fee that you will have to renew each month should you need further support.

If you need assistance we will be glad to help you. (828) 324-0800

Charges to your account will not be prorated, and we do not refund a month's fee if you fail to use the service.

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